Single Sign On ("SSO") Terms:

The Single Sign On ("SSO") registration information provided above will be held by the General Electric Company ("GE"), 3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06828 in the United States. The information will be used to authorize your access to this and other SSO-enabled sites and may be shared with other GE entities to authorize your access to SSO-enabled sites (wherever located, worldwide) that they may operate and that you choose to visit. The information may also be used by this and other SSO-enabled sites to allow you to customize certain aspects of the site, either through the optional placement of a "cookie" on your hard drive or through similar means. The use of the information for any other purposes will be disclosed to you through, and is subject to, Terms of Use or other legal notices provided. Although the data protection laws of the United States and the countries where other GE sites are located may not provide a level of data protection and privacy equivalent to that provided for in your country, GE will take appropriate measures to ensure that the SSO registration information you provide is protected against unauthorized or unlawful access or disclosure.

You understand that your SSO password is a confidential code for your use only and that you are responsible for keeping it confidential. It is to be used to authorize access to this site and other SSO-enabled sites of the GE and its affiliates, and it can be used to modifiy information and to engage in transactions at such sites.

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